Tag: CSA


  • Henry Peter Gyrich

    A former NSA official, General Thaddeus "Thunderbolt" Ross nominated Gyrich for consideration by the UN Security Council for the chair of the newly formed [[Commision on Superhero Affairs | Commision for Superhuman Affairs]].

  • Chen Lu

    Dr. Chen Lu was his country's foremost researcher in nuclear radiation and its effect on humans, but was sent as his country's liaison to the [[Commision on Superhero Affairs | Commision on Superhero Affairs]].

  • Elizabeth Braddock

    Part of a pair of high society twins, Elizabeth, better known as Betsy, is a former pilot that flew independent relief missions into such war torn countries as Chad and Tunisia, she has joined the [[Commision on Superhero Affairs | Commision on Superhero …

  • Aleksander Lukin

    General Aleksander Lukin was the protégé of Vasily Karpov, an elderly general that had served in World War II. Following the USSR's collapse, Lukin went was discharged and established the Kronos Oil Corporation. His allies in very high places have gotten …